Dot / 点描



ちなみに虚無虚無くんは素粒子が持つ粒子と波動の性質、量子もつれ、人の意識に干渉できる存在であり、点描コレクションと虚無虚無くん、モーショングラフィックス、3D Animationは同じ世界観で描いております。


The pointillism is based on the double slit experiment, the Copenhagen interpretation, Schrodinger’s cat, and quantum entanglement, which are experiments on particles and waves that exist in reality.
Simplified explanation of them proves that human consciousness and the act of observation have some meaning and power, and that particles also have some mysterious function and tend to follow human consciousness, and the world of pointillism I draw is expressed around them.
I project interference stripes on the paper medium, as if through a double slit, by being aware of, wishing for, and dotting. It is an act of working with the law of attraction, the butterfly effect, and quantum entanglement, a utility, an escape from reality, and the destination of emotions.
As a medical professional, I often have no choice but to pray to God or Buddha even when I am practicing medicine in the medical field. The works named after organs, natural disasters, and events contain the only rebellion, actions, feelings, and wishes I can do against them, as I am powerless against them.

Each of the organs and events has its own function and meaning, which I would like to explain based on what I have written above, but I will leave that for another time.

Incidentally, emptiness, emptiness, and emptiness are entities that can interfere with particles, waves, quantum entanglement, and human consciousness, and the Dotsuke Collection and emptiness, emptiness, and emptiness are drawn from the same worldview.

Last but not least, various medical professionals and researchers are now approaching various diseases and events from various angles and taking actions to save as many lives as possible and to relieve people from pain. As an individual, I hope that these efforts will bring about positive results in people’s lives.